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The RICEI Project contributes to the attainment of quality education worldwide. Activities comprise a research section and applied areas of planning and teaching, the latter also consisting of work on educational policy development. We are committed to improving education by providing research-based educational services for those who are working for the field of Education.

Education in Finland:
Finnish Success in Education: Some Reasons behind It
Educational Innovations in the Process of School Change

Active Learning:
Process of Active Learning in the Teachers’ Work
Active Learning in a Small Rural School in Finland

Curriculum Change:
Curriculum Change in Finland
Teachers Facing the Challenges of Curriculum Change in the Small Rural School in Finland
Teacher Identity and Curriculum Change: A Comparative Analysis of Small Schools in England and Finland
Approaches to Curriculum Development: Learning from Research

Teacher Professionalism:
A Comparative Analysis of Teacher Professionalism: Findings from the York-Jyväskylä Project
The Challenges of Teacher Professional Development in the Context of Educational Change
Teacher Pedagogical and Dispositional Competences in a Changing School Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Teacher Professionalism in England and Finland
Teacher Competences amid Educational Reforms in Finland and England

Comparative Education:
Introduction to Research Methods in Comparative Education
Educational Change in Comparative Perspective: The Case of School Education in Selected Countries
Research Project on Work-Oriented Education in Russia, China, and India
Closing the Gap between Education and Society through Outdoor-Oriented Education: Comparing Education in the United States and India
Building Bridges between Education and Society: Comparing Education in Socially Different Countries


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